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Education Plan

 Current Courses


 1. Level: Basic Education


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 lecture title
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Quantum Field Theory
 4V + 2Ü
 Gies Wipf
 Q Gravitational Theory
 4V + 2Ü
 Brügmann, Meinel, Schäfer
 M Differential Geometry
 4V + 2Ü  Matveev
 M Liegroups and -algebras
 3V + 1Ü  Külshammer, Matveev



 seminars  audience  frequency
 group seminars
 all  weekly
 group colloquia
 all  every second week
 physics combo
 all  six weekends per year
 conferences  all  three days per year


2. Level: Advanced Education



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 title  SWS  contact
Q  Quantum Field Theory II
 2V + 1Ü  Wipf, Gies
Q  Quantum Field Theory of Condensed Matter
 2V + 1Ü  Bechstedt
Q  Functional Renormalization Group
 2V + 1Ü  Gies
Q  Supersymmetry  2V + 1Ü  Wipf
G  Gravitational Waves
 2V + 1Ü  Meinel, Schäfer
G  Relativistical Astrophysics
 2V + 1Ü  Meinel, Schäfer
G  Numerical Relativity  2V + 1Ü  Brügmann
M  Monte Carlo Methods
 3V + 1Ü  Novak
M  Symplectical Geometry and Integrable Systems
 3V + 1Ü  Matveev
Q,G  Aspects of Field Theory  2S  Wipf, Gies, Novak
 Green - Functional - Methods
 2S  Bechstedt, Wipf
Q  Worldlineformalism
 2S  Wipf, Gies
G  Gravitational Theory
 2S  Brügmann, Meinel, Schäfer


 title  audience  frequency
 physics combo
 all  six weekends per year
 workshops  as necessary
 five days per year



  • Q: Quantum Theory Group
  • G: Gravitational Theory Group
  • M: Methods