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Q5: Effective actions

Principal Investigators: Wipf, Gies

The effective action is a universal tool of quantum field theory and quantum statistics. As generating functional for vertex functions it determines the dynamics of field expectation values. It encodes the effects of quantum fluctuations into a macroscopic language that is directly linked to physical observables. In the euclidean formulation it becomes the free energy for a given macroscopic field and determines thermal expectation values. The calculation of effective actions is a central problem in quantum field theory.

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Examples of Ph.D. topics

  1. Fluktuationsinduzierte effektive Wirkungen für Quantenfeldtheorien mit Gravitation
  2. Weltlinienmethoden für effektive Wirkungen auf gekrümmten Räumen
  3. Higgs-Massen-Schranken aus effektiven Potentialen des Standardmodells und Erweiterungen


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