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Q4: Supersymmetric Field Theories

Principal Investigators: Ammon, Gies, Novak, Wipf

Supersymmetric field theories are a fundamental ingredient of almost all physical models beyond the standard model of particle physics and play a decisive role in modern quantum field theory. Interesting recent analytical results on strongly coupled gauge theories led to new and surprising insights into the unsolved confinement-problem. Formulating supersymmetric theories on a space time lattice without breaking all supersymmetries and simulating these theories with dynamical fermions in a challenging problem.

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Examples of Ph.D. topics

  1. CPN-Modelle mit Fermionen
  2. Supersymmetrische Flussgleichungen für supersymmetrische Eichtheorien
  3. Gittereichtheorien mit minimal und supersymmetrisch gekoppelten Fermionen


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