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Q3: Algorithms for high dimensional systems

Principal Investigators: Novak, Wipf

Functional integrals in lattice gauge theories are high dimensional (∼ 106) integrals which have to be approximated as accurately as possible. The choice of methods and their quality depend strongly on the integrand. For quantum field theories with fermions which lead to nonlocal and strongly varying integrands, effective algorithms shall be developed and applied as well as effective inverters for occuring matrices. The solvability of high dimensional problems in quantum theory with defensible numerical complexity shall be investigated.

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Examples of Ph.D. topics

  1. Welche geometrischen Integrationsprobleme sind tractable für randomisierte Algorithmen?
  2. Funktionenklassen, die durch Feldtheorien auf dem Gitter motiviert sind: optimale Berechnung der Integrale in Abhängigkeit der Klassenparameter
  3. Schnell mischende Markovketten für Spin-Modelle, Hard-Core-Modelle, Gitterfeldtheorien
  4. Optimale Dichten für Importance Sampling
  5. Mischungseigenschaften des Slice Samplers


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