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Q1: Dualities between quantum field and gravitational theories

Principal Investigators: Ammon, Ansorg, Gies, Wipf

Within Theoretical Physics, over recent years new links between Quantum Gravity theories and ordinary Quantum Field theories were discovered which are referred to as gauge/gravity dualites.
The essential feature of such gauge/gravity dualities is to provide relations between branches of theoretical physics which appear to be distinct at first sight. In particular, gauge/gravity dualities relate quantum field theories on flat space-time, involving gauge symmetries to theories involving gravity. This relation is established on the basis of string theory.
In certain limits, gauge/gravity dualities have the particular virtue of mapping strongly coupled quantum field theories to weakly coupled gravity theories (and vice versa). Within the project Q1 the phase diagram of strongly coupled quantum field theories will be studied. Moreover, gauge/gravity dualities provide a new tool for describing dynamical processes, which will be investigated in detail.

Examples of Ph.D. topics

  1. Untersuchung quantenkritischer Systeme mittels AdS/CFT Korrespondenz
  2. Quantum Quenches in Supraleitern mittels AdS/CFT Korrespondenz
  3. Holographisches Modell eines Gitters