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G4: Numerical Relativity

Principal Investigators: Ansorg, Brügmann, Meinel

The research group in Numerical Relativity investigates the simulation of black hole binaries. The numerical solution of the full Einstein equations, which form a system of ten non-linear, coupled partial differential equations, is a complex problem, and for black holes there is the additional issue of the spacetime singularity inside the black holes. The two-body problem of general relativity remained mostly unsolved for many years, but recently several breakthroughs have been achieved. Project G4 focuses on the last ten orbits before the collision and merger of the black holes, and the primary goal is the computation of the gravitational waves generated in the process.

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Examples of Ph.D. topics

  1. Pseudosprektralmethode für die Orbitalbewegung zweier Schwarzer Löcher
  2. Optimierte Anfangsdaten für exzentrische Orbits von Neutronensternen und Schwarzen Löchern
  3. Gravitationswellen von oszillierenden Neutronensternen auf exzentrischen Orbits


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