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G3: Stationary and axisymmetric vacuum gravitational fields

Principal Investigators: Ansorg, Meinel, Brügmann

In stationary and axisymmetric situations, such as the exterior of a rotating figure of equilibrium, Einstein's vacuum equations are equivalent to the so-called Ernst equation, which can be dealt with using methods from soliton theory ("Bäcklund transformations", "the inverse scattering method"). Special exact solutions can be found using Bäcklund transformations. In principle, the inverse scattering method can be used to solve boundary value problems. Within this project, further contributions will be made to this subject and applications to physical situations will be considered.

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Examples of Ph.D. topics

  1. Rotierende Scheiben in der Einstein-Maxwell-Theorie
  2. Randwertprobleme der Einstein-Maxwell-Gleichungen
  3. Anfangswertprobleme der hyperbolischen Ernstgleichung


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R. A. Konoplya, Y. C. Liu
Motion of charged particles and quasinormal modes around the   magnetically and tidally deformed black hole
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R. Meinel, M. Breithaupt, Y. C. Liu
Black holes and quasiblack holes in Einstein-Maxwell theory
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C. Teichmüller, M. B. Fröb, F. Maucher
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