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G1: Higherdimensional black objects

Principal Investigators: Ansorg, Ammon, Bruegmann, Meinel

Black holes belong to the most interesting objects in General Relativity. Within the four dimensional Einstein theory, they are characterized by only a few physical parameters. In recent approaches to unify gravity and quantum theory  (as e.g. in string theory), the restriction to four dimensions need to be abandoned.
We construct numerical solutions corresponding to higher-dimensional black objects by means of highly-accurate pseudo-spectral methods and discuss their properties in appropriate parameter spaces.

Examples of Ph.D. topics

  1. Pseudo-spektrale Mehrgebietsverfahren zur Berechnung schwarzer Objekte
  2. Phasenraumstudien nicht-uniformer schwarzer Strings
  3. Schwarze Objekte im Rahmen der AdS/QFT-Korrespondenz